To translate these Latin texts into English, French, and Spanish to increase access, regardless of their knowledge of Latin.

Team Members

  • Melissa Goldman

    Melissa Goldman

    Melissa Goldman (she/her) teaches Latin at Los Alamos High School and Topper Freshman Academy in Los Alamos, New Mexico. She began Latin as an 11th grader in Lawrence, Kansas, at her father’s insistence--and just kept going from there. She has a BA in Classics and MA in Classical Literature from the University of Kansas and has completed doctoral level work at a few places. Her favorite aspect of the field is its interdisciplinary nature, and she enjoys projects ranging from deep dives into the use of specific words to a broad survey of Mathematics in Ancient Greek. In addition to work in Latin and Ancient Greek, she has an MA in Special Education from New Mexico Highlands University. She sponsors the Genders and Sexualities Alliance and Latin Club at her school and is also a Safe Space resource person for the school district. This background inspires her desire to make Latin more accessible and relevant to all students. She joined Project Nota to expand her knowledge of later Latin and female Latin authors.

  • Abigail Alicia López Ortiz

    Abi was majoring in History when she decided to learn Latin and Greek in order to get closer to the ancient world. In 2014 she attended the Accademia Vivarium Novum summer course without any previous knowledge of the language and has been teaching Latin since, either independently or as a part of an organization. Latin helped her discover her passion for languages and she cannot get enough of them now. She changed majors and now studies Linguistics at the National School of Anthropology and History (ENAH) and Hispanic Literature at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). She also teaches Spanish as a foreign language and loves to reflect on the impact textbooks have on students. She enjoys creating her own didactic material. Abi is glad to have been a part of In Foro Romano, an all-women international latin speaking podcast. In addition, she frequently collaborates with the Circulus Latinus Iacobopolitanus in Santiago de Chile and is one of the founders of Amárantos, a circulus Latinus in Mexico City, where she's also to lead a Lupercal group very soon. She's glad to offer Latin-Spanish translations for Project Nota's Translation Department.

  • Hannah Perkins

  • Séverine Tarantino

  • Maddie Wee

  • Mila Page

  • Océane George

  • Flora Gu

  • Emma Schmidt

Project Nota

Project Nota is a group dedicated to drawing attention to the Latin letters and works of famous women by focusing on the digitization of texts, translating these texts into English, Spanish, and French, and increasing their overall accessibility. Among us we have over 150 years of Latin experience including many years of teaching experience, seven advanced degrees, many publications in academic journals, and multiple positions in professional organizations.

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