Team Members

  • Sophia He

    Sophia He

    Sophia He is a sixteen-year-old junior from Newton, MA. She enjoys reading works of classic authors, especially those by female Latinists. She believes that Latin works written by, for, and about women are not only meaningful because of the wisdom they contain, but also from the social justice perspective that they receive the same attention that other Latin texts do. Therefore, she founded Project Nota to wish to bring together a team and a community who are equally as passionate about this cause. Apart from Classics, Sophia is interested in the performing arts and writing. She has been in multiple school musical productions and is a member of the school varsity dance team. She has given a piano performance at Carnegie Hall, and her writings have been recognized by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards. As Director of Project Nota, Sophia wishes to foster community as well as communication between the Departments to achieve the common goal.

  • Laura Petersen

    Laura Petersen

    Laura Petersen (she/her) is currently a middle and high school Latin teacher in Sandusky, Ohio. Her Latin journey began in her beloved home state of Wisconsin at Wayland Academy. Stories have always been an integral part of her interests and identity. And, starting during her education at Wayland, her main fascination became the stories of the past that are told through ancient texts and artifacts. She loves the window into the past that Latin gives us, and she is passionate about throwing open that window to include as many voices as possible! While earning her BS in Secondary Education, Classics, and History at Vanderbilt University, she served as an assistant in the Classical and Ancient Mediterranean Studies Department. This role gave her experience in and passion for digitizing texts and facilitating research. As Assistant Director of Project Nota, Laura revels in facilitating the internal goals of each department as they all work towards the essential work of giving (mostly) unheard historical voices the love and attention they deserve. When she isn’t geeking out about history or the current book she’s reading, Laura can be found playing video games with her partner, hiking, and hand-feeding her two guinea pigs.

Project Nota

Project Nota is a group dedicated to drawing attention to the Latin letters and works of famous women by focusing on the digitization of texts, translating these texts into English, Spanish, and French, and increasing their overall accessibility. Among us we have over 150 years of Latin experience including many years of teaching experience, seven advanced degrees, many publications in academic journals, and multiple positions in professional organizations.

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